Son Han

Son Han

Founder and CEO

Son started BrainyMoney because he wanted to give people like you access to a plethora of financial knowledge for the price of a movie ticket. This is about changing a small part of the world and making the world a bit of a better place. 

Ryan Henderson


Ryan joined Son to make a difference in this world. Ryan brings with him eight years of IT consulting experience across a variety of industries. His love for the mission and love for technology culminates into an awesome user experience for you.

Greg Harder

Editor & Curator

Greg is a University of Delaware alumni with an entrepreneurship filled past. Beginning his first business at age 7 on Alibaba, he has since transitioned into the role of editor and content creator at BrainyMoney. He has a passion for writing, stresses the importance of being financially minded and strives for providing great material to supplement your best learning through BrainyMoney.